Apoptygma Berzerk

APOPTYGMA BERZERK "SDGXXV" (Soli Deo Gloria Reworked) Translucent Grey/Smoke Effect 2xLP


Release Date: April 2019

Country: Canada

Genre: Electronic/EBM/Minimal Techno/Industrial/Minimal-Wave

Label: Artoffact Records

Catalog#: AOF360

Format: LP


As part of the 25th. Anniversary of "Soli Deo Gloria" in 2018, a 25th. Anniversary Edition CD was released (that you also find here in the shop!), but the celebration didn't stop there!


APOP invited some of their musical heroes, friends, new inspirational sources, and artists that they really wanted to join in when "Soli Deo Gloria" was re-recorded, re-worked and re-imagined together with 18 guest artists!


You find UK legends like Clock DVA, Portion Control and Naked Lunch stand shoulder to shoulder with more modern EBM/Minimal Techno presented by Ancient Methods, Codex Empire and Prurient feat. Maniac (of Mayhem!), while industrial veterans Blackhouse, Mortiis and Cronos Titan challenge the audience with their teethgrinding versions. At the same time we have minimal-wave acts like Bal Paré, Beranek and Monster Apparat stripping things entirely down, and the German king of EBM, The Invincible Spirit, presenting classic EBM with a punch together with Norwegians Substaat and Atropine. All of it wrapped in a blanket of Berlin-school and Tangerine Dream inspired dream-electronics from Steven R. Sellic and Norwegian ambient master Erik Wøllo.




Side A

  1. Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 1) (Interpreted by Steven R. Sellick)
  2. Burning Heretic (Cycles Of Absolute Truths Mix by Ancient Methods)
  3. Backdraft (Deviced by The Invincible Spirit)
  4. The Sentinel (Southern Discomfort Mix by Blackhouse)


Side B

  1. Stitch (Amplified Version by Clock DVA)
  2. Bitch (Well Mix By Substaat)
  3. All Tomorrow's Parties (Evolve Or Die Mix by Naked Lunch)
  4. The Sentinel (Doom Electronics Version by Prurient feat. Maniac)


Side C

  1. Walk With Me (FRXTA Skyline Mix by Mortiis)
  2. Backdraft (Kill The Light Mix by Codex Empire)
  3. Spiritual Reality (Gold Golem Version by Portion Control)
  4. Ashes To Ashes (Diabolic Mix by Bal Paré)


Side D

  1. Borrowed Time (Sublime Mix By Atropine)
  2. Skyscraping (Cricket Mix by Monster Apparat)
  3. ARP (No Sleep Mix By Beranek)
  4. Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 2) (Reworked by Erik Wøllo)

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