Apoptygma Berzerk




1 I – Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 1) (Interpreted by Steven R. Sellick)
2 I – Burning Heretic (Cycles Of Absolute Truths Mix by Ancient Methods)
3 I – Backdraft (Deviced by The Invincible Spirit)
4 I – Stitch (Restitched by Cronos Titan)
5 I – ARP (No Sleep Mix by Beranek)
6 I – The Sentinel (Southern Discomfort Mix by Blackhouse)
7 II – Walk With Me (FRXTA Skyline Mix by Mortiis)
8 II – Backdraft (Kill The Light Mix by Codex Empire)
9 II – Spiritual Reality (Gold Golem Version by Portion Control)
10 II – Stitch (Amplified Version by Clock DVA)
11 II – Bitch (Weil Mix by Substaat)
12 II – Borrowed Time (Sublime Mix by Atropine)
13 III – The Sentinel (Doom Electronics Version by Prurient feat. Maniac)
14 III – Stitch (Patched & Processed by O/E)
15 III – Ashes To Ashes (Diabolic Mix by Bal Paré)
16 III – Skyscraping (Cricket Mix by Monster Apparat)
17 III – All Tomorrow’s Parties (Evolve Or Die Mix by Naked Lunch)
18 III – Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 2) (Reworked by Erik Wøllo)


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