Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats



Official Street Date POSTPONED: May 31st, 2024

- 1st press on limited turquoise vinyl

After a long 6 year wait, Uncle Acid take a step further and release a instrumental conceptual soundtrack as their album number 6. 

K. Starrs explains: “It’s a tribute to 70s Italian cinema. It’s a story about people who decide to take the law into their own hands. Things get pretty dark straight away and of course, it doesn’t end well for anyone. It has elements of grimy poliziotteschi (Italian crime/action films) and classic Giallo (Italian cinema’s revered horror/sexploitation movement)."

Track List:
1) Il Sole Sorge Sempre
2) Giustizia di Strada – Lavora Fino alla Morte
3) La Vipera
4) Vendetta (Tema)
5) La Bara Resterà Chiusa
6) Cocktail Party
7) Il Tesoro di Sardegna
8) Nell’ Ora Blu
9) Il Chiamante Silenzioso
10) Tortura al Telefono
11) Pomeriggio di Novembre Nel Parco – Occhi che Osservano
12) Il Retorno del Chiamante Silenzioso
13) Solo la Morte to Ammanetta
14) Il Gatto Morto
15) Guidando Veloce Verso la Campagna
16) L’Omicidio
17) Resti Umani
18) Sorge Anche il Sole
19) Ritorno All’Oscurità

Inspired by the dark, mysterious, and often bloody Italian Giallo film scene, Kevin Starrs took a detour and created his own storyboard to play along with and the result is a beautiful and suspense-filled instrumental soundtrack…for a non-existent film.

Devoted fans will undoubtedly recognize the UNCLE ACID fingerprints here but this startling left-turn will also present a formidable challenge to even the most open-minded riff-heads. Like a tense and bewildering fever dream, ‘Nell’ Ora Blu’ is a vivid, lysergic excursion like no other.


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