Rival Sons

RIVAL SONS "Head Down" Rosefinch Vinyl LP Remastered 2024 Edition - W/ Signed Lyric Sheet


*** Comes with signed lyric sheet - Limited to 1000 ***

Limited bundle with hand signed lyric sheet from one of four songs "Keep on Swinging," "Wild Animal," "You Want To," "Until the Sun Comes," randomly selected. First 1000 copies only. 

Vinyl Re-Issue of Rival Sons 'Head Down' album, originally released in 2012.  It's been remastered on Rosefinch vinyl

This pre-order item, and will ship a few days prior to the official street date of 5/24/2024.

Track Listing

Side A

1) Keep on Swinging

2) Wild Animal

3) You Want To

4) Until the Sun Comes

5) Run from Revelation

6) Jordan

7) All the Way 

Side B

1) The Heist

2) Three Fingers

3) Nava

4) Manifest Destiny Pt. 1

5) Manifest Destiny Pt. 2

6) True 

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