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DANKO JONES " Bring On The Mountain" DVD - NTSC

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DANKO JONES " Bring On The Mountain" DVD - NTSC

Danko Jones is a Canadian rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Bring on the Mountain is Danko s first official DVD. This is something the fans have requested for years and we have spent the past 5+ years collecting material for it to make sure it lives up to their expectations. Now we are finally at point where we've managed to compile enough amazing stuff to fill TWO discs with material from their entire career!

Article: DVD

Runtime: 243 mins 

Language: English

Label: Bad Taste Records (BTRDVD01)

all regions / NTSC-Video / Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

FSK: not for people under the age of 16


Disc 1:
01 "Bring On The Mountain" (A Documentary)
02 "The Ballad Of Danko Jones" (A Short Film)

Disc 2:
Music Videos:
01 Bounce
02 My Love Is Bold
03 Samuel Sin
04 Cadillac
05 Sound Of Love
06 Lovercall
07 I Want You
08 I Love Living In The City
09 Dance
10 Baby Hates Me
11 First Date
12 Don't Fall In Love
13 Code Of The Road
14 Take Me Home
15 King Of Magazines
16 Sugar High
17 Full Of Regret
18 Had Enough
19 I Think Bad Thoughts

Live Performances
01 Samuel Sin
02 The Rules
03 Cadillac
04 Way To My Heart
05 Sound Of Love
06 Sex Change Shake
07 I Love Living In The City
08 Bring On The Mountain (Become The Mountain)
09 Play The Blues
10 Invisible
11 Full Of Regret
12 Lovercall
13 First Date + I Think Bad Thoughts
14 Had Enough

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