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Visit our local store in Cologne


Lo-Fi Headquarter with a roof and window...has moved to Cologne/Ehrenfeld! Now we are in best company with a couple of great concert venues. It's always worth to sneak into our shop because we have some special items only sold in our store, bargains, sample sales and leftovers here and sometimes some of our bands hang out here or play some secret shows or simply have a cup of coffee. Get connected ´n keep informed about special offers and meet ´n´greet actions via facebook, instagram, twitter ´n co.

Lo-Fi Merchandise
Lichtstrasse 26-28
50825 Köln


Mo-Fr: 10am - 18pm
Saturday: only 1st Saturday of the month - from 2pm-6pm!

Tel.: +49/(0)221/1307782
Fax.: +49/(0)221/1393077
e-mail: mailorder@lo-fi-merchandise.com