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+++ To avoid damage of the record cover we take the vinyl out of it +++

SIENA ROOT "Pioneers" VINYL ALBUM BLACK (incl. CD + Downloadcard (GAPo68)

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SIENA ROOT "Pioneers" VINYL ALBUM BLACK (incl. CD + Downloadcard (GAPo68)

Siena Root is a band with its roots in late '60s and '70s rock music. The group was founded in Stockholm in the late '90s. Their sound is based on heavy organ, howling guitars, bass riffing and big drums. It is also often enriched with bluesy soulful vocals, various guest musicians and psychedelic vibes.

article: Vinyl LP, Album - Gatefold  incl. CD + Downloadcard      

 Gaphals (GAPo68)
release: 2014
01 Between the Lines
02 7 Years
03 Spiral Trip
04 Root Rock Pioneers
05 The Way You Turn
06 Keep on Climbing
07 Going Down
08 In My Kitchen

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