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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - rare & limited 3 CD-single-set

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - rare & limited 3 CD-single-set

Stoner Rock/Alternative Rock – Band members: Josh Homme with a.o. Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri, Dave Grohl, Troy van Leuwen...) – records a.o. „Rated R“, „Songs for the Deaf, „…like Clockwork“ (No. 1 on US Billboard Charts).

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE ltd. 3 CD-single-set + Era Vulgaris promo sticker

article: 3x MCD 
releasedate: 2007 

label / distribution: Universal

Tracklist: 'Sick, Sick, Sick' CD (limited Digipack)

1. Sick, Sick, Sick
2. I'm Designer (Remix)
3. Goin' Out West
4. Christian Brothers
Tracklist: 'Make It With Chu' MCD
1. Make it wit chu (Edit)
2. Needles in the camel's eye
3. White wedding
4. Make it wit chu (Video) (Data Track)
Tracklist: '3's & 7's' MCD

1. 3's & 7's
2. Christian Brothers
3. 3's & 7's (Video) (Data Track)

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