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MONSTER MAGNET "Spine Of God (2017 Reissue)" VINYL LP BLACK

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MONSTER MAGNET "Spine Of God (2017 Reissue)" VINYL LP BLACK

During the 90s Monster Magnet was probably the most influential band in the so called „underground“ Stoner Rock scene – but also as recognized in Punk or Metal circles. With their record “Powertrip” the band reached gold status in the late 90s – especially with the smash hit “Space Lord”. In 2017 the kings of hard psychedelic rock present “Spine Of God” a re-release of their first studio album. Originally released in 19991, this milestone is the perfect reincarnation of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Hawkwind. It has already acheived cult status in the Stoner Rock genre. The album was completely written and produced by singer and mastermind Dave Wyndorf.

Article: 180g Gatefold Vinyl LP

Label: Napalm Records (840588110278)

Released: Sept. 2017 (Reissue)


1. Pill Shovel

2. Medicine

3. Nod Scene

4. Black Mastermind

5. Zodiac Lung

6. Spine Of God

7. Snake Dance SIDE B

8. Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother

9. Ozium

10. Ozium (Demo Version)

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