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KATZENJAMMER "A Kiss Before You Go" CD

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KATZENJAMMER "A Kiss Before You Go" CD

Multi-Instrumentalists from Norway delight their audience with a mix of Folk Rock, Symphonic Pop, Balkan Music, Jazz and Cabaret. Critics name Katzenjammer on a par with bands such as Gogol Bordello, Dixie Chicks or Leningrad Cowboys.

Article: Audio CD

Label: Vertigo/Universal


  1. A kiss before you go
  2. I will dance
  3. Cherry pie
  4. Land of confusion
  5. Lady Marlene
  6. Rock-paper-scissors
  7. Cocktails and ruby slippers
  8. Soviet trumpeter
  9. Loathsome M
  10. Shepherd's song
  11. Gypsy flee
  12. God's great dust storm

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