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+++ To avoid damage of the record cover we take the vinyl out of it +++

FATSO JETSON "Flames For All" Audio CD (MR 143CD)

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FATSO JETSON "Flames For All" Audio CD (MR 143CD)

Fatso Jetson - definitely amongst the greats of the Palm Desert scene - is the follow-up project by Ex-Yawning-Man-members Mario and Larry Lalli as well as Tony Tornay. Sounds like stoner rocking punks riding the dunes on a surfboard. Related bands: Kyuss, Yawning Man, Queens Of The Stone Age

+++ Rare original Man's Ruin pressing from 1999 +++

Audio CD

Label: Man's Ruin Records

Released: 1999


1. The Untimely Death Of The Keyboard Player
2. Vatos Of The Astral Plane
3. Fucked Up And Famous
4. Flames For All
5. Icon To ExCon
6. Let's Clone
7. August In Lawndale
8. Graffiti In Space
9. Deaf Conductor


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