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Danko Jones is a Canadian rock band from Toronto, Ontario.

Article: CD + Poster

Label: Bad Taste Records (BTR130)

Releases: 2009


1. "The Rules" (Born a Lion bonus track-2002)

2. "My Time Is Now" (Born a Lion bonus track-2002)

3. "I Like to Ball" (B-side on the "I Want You" single-2003)

4. "Never Again" (Danko Jones EP 1998)

5. "My Problems (Are Your Problems Now)"

6. "Starlicker"

7. "Woogie Boogie" (We Sweat Blood bonus track-2003)

8. "Sugar High" (Never Too Loud bonus track-2008)

9. "Ice Cold Angel"

10. "Choose Me" (Sleep Is the Enemy bonus track-2006)

11. "Big Bed" (Danko Jones EP-1998)

12. "Sold My Soul" (B-side on the "Dance" single-2003)

13. "Sex"

14. "Fucked Up" (Danko Jones EP-1998)

15. "First Date" (US Radio Edit / B-side on the "First Date" single-2006)

16. "Cheater"

17. "Pump It Up" (Elvis Costello Cover)

18. "The Big Holdout"

19. "You Ruin the Day" (Never Too Loud bonus track-2008)

20. "Hit Song" (Danko Jones EP-1998)

21. "The Return of Jackie and Judy" (Ramones Cover “The Song Ramones the Same“-2002)

22. "Make a Move"

23. "Drop Your Man"

24. "Thinking of You"

25. "RIP RFTC" (Never Too Loud iTunes bonus track-2008)

26. "Peacock Stomp"

27. "Take Me Out on a Stretcher" (B-side on the "I Want You" single-2003)



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